A holistic system

Our travel management MXP leaves no room for misinterpretation of allowances or mileages - we ask concrete questions and process unambiguous answers. Together with our technical partner MobileXpense, we thus depict all facets of travel expense management in its entirety and, if required, are happy to adapt the tool to your company's CI. MXP takes into account the perspectives of all stakeholders and ensures smooth communication between the departments. The accounting process for business trips is no longer a mystery, but is automated and transparent for everyone involved.

The review and approval processes are significantly shortened in this way thanks to MXP. In the course of providing the web-based software for travel expense reporting, including the app, we of course conduct training courses and ensure with the associated smartphone app that your employees can settle their travel time, mileage or meal allowance quasi on the fly. Trust us, the advantages of digitalisation are clearly noticeable in the area of travel expense accounting thanks to the time saved through automated processing.

  • Over 5800 implementations
  • Processes over 25 million transactions per year
  • Active in over 100 countries
  • Around €1.7 billion settled per year
  • Over 1.7 million active users

„Facts about our Partner MobileXpense“


In short, MXP is a comprehensive tool that greatly simplifies travel expense reporting. The most important functions are as follows:


  • Web application for travel expense reporting
  • Smartphone app for digital receipt entry (iPhone, Windows and Android systems)
  • Online training for users & approving management (DE & EN)
  • Email notifications for travellers & approvers
  • Daily import of currencyexchange rates (XE.COM)
  • Regular back-ups - daily (delta) & weekly (total)
  • timely maintenance & updating of the software according to the respective legal requirements
  • Support hotline for administrators & controllers

Darüber hinaus ermöglicht MXP sowohl eine periodische Datenübergabe an das Finanz- & Lohnbuchhaltungssystem als auch die Erstellung eigener Berichte, speichert die Daten für elf Jahre ab und und und. Sie sehen, die Liste ist lang – und dabei haben wir noch gar nicht die F Erfahrungsberichte unserer Referenzkunden angesprochen. Neben dem eigentlichen System für die vereinfachte Reisekostenabrechnung gibt es nämlich noch zahlreiche weitere gute Gründe, sich für MXP und uns als Reseller & Berater zu entscheiden. Sprechen Sie uns einfach an und lernen Sie openMIND kennen, Ihrem Partner für den komplexen Bereich der Reisekosten! Bei Interesse lassen wir Ihnen gerne weitere Informationen zukommen und unterstützen Sie bei der Verbesserung der Workflows rund um Dienstreisen, VMA & Kilometerpauschalen.

In addition, MXP enables periodic data transfer to the financial & payroll accounting system as well as the creation of own statistical evaluations, stores data for eleven years and so forth. As you can see, the list is long - and we haven't even touched on the testimonials from our reference customers yet. Besides the actual system for simplified travel expense reporting, there are numerous other good reasons to choose MXP and us as resellers and consultants. Simply contact us and get to know openMIND, your partner for the complex area of travel expenses! If you are interested, we will be happy to provide you with further information and support you in improving your workflows around business trips, per diem & mileage.

Reference to demo presentation appointment, e.g. via contact form with three appointment suggestions on the part of the interested company

Mobile & cross-platform

A modern travel expense report requires that the data import is as uncomplicated as possible: ideally directly by scanning via smartphone camera. Mobile receipt entry enables travellers to complete all formalities while still on the train or plane. And the best thing is: there is no chance of typing errors, because the receipts photographed with a smartphone or scanned in as a PDF are automatically recognised, classified and stored in the system using optical character recognition (OCR). If the controlling system, which is based on artificial intelligence, detects incomplete information at this point, the accounting department receives a warning in accordance with the dual control principle, as well as the option of manually supplementing the data record.

While the smartphone app is used to immediately enter receipts during a business trip, the focus in accounting is on the web application. All functions relevant for controll of expenses are visible at a glance on a clear interface:

  • Calculation of per diems (country-specific calculation)
  • Calculation of VAT
  • Automatic and continuously updated exchange rates
  • Calculation of mileage
  • Credit card import




Safety first

On the side of expense control, MXP enables us to carry out exports and reporting relevant information to finance and payroll. We ensure a smooth connection to your ERP & HR software, store registered data for eleven years - and are always available to you via our support in the event of queries. Our GoBD-compliant system is both ISAE and ISO certified, with the EU servers located in high-security data centres also having ISO certification.

Apart from that, our software is of course regularly maintained and updated in accordance with the current legal requirements. And to ensure that nothing goes wrong in between, back-ups of changes are carried out several times a day and the entire database is backed up once a month. As you can see, we leave nothing to chance. Focused professionalism paired with many years of project experience including IT knowledge teaches us to always play it safe.



We treat the individual data sets just as carefully as the server structure itself. Before we start with the system set-up and integration of MXP, we get to know your previous systems in detail in order to configure the tool in the best possible way and to be able to ensure a smooth changeover. We assess the optimisation potential of existing processes and, in the case of interfaces, investigate the possibilities of a more efficient connection. This applies, for example, to the linking with existing software on the part of personnel administration in order to directly process the master data of your business travellers. And vice versa, we ensure that new legal requirements, such as a change in value added tax or new guidelines regarding per diems or mileage allowances, are also updated in your system.

The following overview illustrates what information this data exchange actually contains:

on company sideon MXP side
User master data (user name, surname, first name, personnel number, if applicable creditor number, user e-mail, expenses)Optional F01 - F05 (expense categories, gross / net / VAT, transaction & posting date, G/L accounts, creditor numbers if applicable).
Cost centresOptional F06 (personnel number, M report for payroll, remuneration in kind, values for flat-rate and / or individual taxation)
If applicable, projects / ordersOptional travel expense logs (incl. all digitised receipts)

With regard to the applicable travel policy, we consciously distinguish between definitive requirements and optional settings, where you as a company have the choice of how to implement them. In this way, we guarantee a product configured according to your needs and communicate any updates in advance so that you are informed about the next steps at all times. Particularly in the initial phase, we are always available to provide you with advice and support and are, of course, also available to you afterwards via our support team in the event of queries.

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