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We have already been in business for over 20 years and are deeply rooted in the topics of process design, digitalisation, business travel and travel expense reporting. Today's openMIND sales & consulting GmbH was founded in 2012 by Maik Degner and remains an owner-managed company. Before that, he gained a wide range of experience in how projects can be successfully implemented, partly in employment and partly in entrepreneurial partnership with major market players.

Our personal values have been clearly reflected in our philosophy from the very beginning. They flow directly into our business, whereby the issue of sustainability for us not only relates to our product, but extends to all relationships within and outside the company. Fairness and economic work on an ethical basis are at the core of our values. This applies to our dealings with customers, partners, suppliers and, of course, our employees.

We think long-term and open-minded, which is why we are very pleased that Dominique Degner is the next generation to join our family business. In this way, we can shape a sustainable company transition, give you, our customers, security for the future and allow the ideas and influence of the next generations.

We keep up with the times -

We live in a time of permanent change. This applies to society as a whole, and so companies must also constantly develop and adapt. Megatrends such as digitalisation or the immense challenges of preserving our natural environment are shaping our times. Both are certainly directly related to our topics around business travel and travel expense accounting.

Our company name, openMIND, is no coincidence: we are open-minded and always keen to learn something new. And together with you, we would like to shape change. we do not accept sentences such as: "We've always done it this way"; "It won't work" or "It will keep going on like this".  Even supposedly simple words have enormous power, so we always reflect on our behaviour and strive to strike the right note in every situation. Because as Berlin natives, we live and love diversity in every respect.

And so we would like to invite you to join us in finding open and new ways without thoughtlessly throwing the tried and tested overboard.

and dedicate ourselves out of conviction

Economic acts always takes place in a larger context. Local responsibility with simultaneous global action and vice versa is directly reflected in our business field of business trips.

At openMIND, we attach great importance to social commitment and support numerous initiatives. Our office in Alt-Köpenick, for example, is within walking distance of the "Alte Försterei", so we have a very special connection to the "1. FC Union Berlin". For this reason, we are a sponsor, but also an active member of the economic board, which sees itself not only as a FAN club, but also as a provider of ideas, an entrepreneurial network and a support association. In addition, we are committed to the "Shoulder to Shoulder" foundation, which helps young people with and without a migration background to integrate and have a good start in life through sport and exercise as well as facilitates access to social participation for people with special needs. Whether it's equipping school classes with digital technology, installing a swing for wheelchair users or renovating old football pitches, we are always in the thick of things.

Are we football fans? Partly, but more importantly: Within the community of "Union", as with us in openMIND, a philosophy is lived with a focus on social responsibility that we subscribe to one hundred percent. In sport, problems are tackled together in an open-minded and respectful manner - we take such a consistently pleasant feedback culture as a benchmark across all areas of society.

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