What continuity has to do with change?

openMIND sales & consulting GmbH has its 10th birthday. A look back, a look ahead and a present.

What continuity has to do with change?

openMIND sales & consulting GmbH turns 10

openMIND sales & consulting GmbH was founded on 12.04.2012. In essence, it was the resumption of an idea that had already been developed in a company from 2005 to 2010.

This birthday is reason enough to look backwards as well as forwards. And this brings us to the question of what continuity has to do with change or vice versa.

Value-oriented corporate development

In the years since 2000, we have all experienced massive and rapid change, which is increasingly driven by ever more comprehensive digitalisation. In addition, massive crises and unanticipated events are occurring on a regular basis. In this respect, a permanent development / adaptation of the company to the respective current necessities is essential for survival.

But how do you deal with the almost regular uncertainty of not only the markets, but also of employees and partners?

Our answer is continuity. Of course, we regularly think about changes we can implement in our work processes, our products and services. Or how we should develop our behaviour towards our employees, customers and partners. What innovations do we need? We have succeeded in doing all of this very well in the last 10 years because we have an absolutely solid basis to which we can adhere when answering all questions.

From the very beginning, openMIND sales & consulting GmbH has been committed to the same values. Fairness, open communication and transparency, high quality and last but not least social and societal commitment are the core values. Always asking ourselves whether our actions benefit people, whether they are sustainable and not destructive, has led to our customers and partners trusting us over the past 10 years. In addition, we have been able to form a team in this value-based way, which does excellent work and has thus contributed enormously to the basis of our economic success.

The continuity of not striving for maximum profit, but understanding economic success as the basis for the implementation of our values and our social commitment has led to the fact that we have been able to change again and again and also adapt to the really big challenges and crises.


Looking back on our journey over the last 10 years, we are proud of what we have achieved. And at the same time it is an occasion to thank all those who have contributed to this development.

So THANK YOU to all our employees, whether they are still in the team or have gone new ways. THANK YOU to all our partners who have placed their trust in us and have cooperated with us. And, of course, THANK YOU to all our customers, without whom there would be no openMIND at all.

But we are also looking ahead. And here we are in the process of organising a sustainable process of handing over the company from one generation to the next. We are researching further product and service possibilities. We promise to remain true to our company name in the future and to approach everything with an open mind. And so, despite the greatest challenges of our time, we look to the future with optimism

A few last words and a request

When it's your birthday, you usually get presents. We will give ourselves the greatest gift: We give presents to others!

openMIND sales & consulting GmbH will donate € 1,000 to the foundation of 1. FC Union Berlin, because they share our values and pursue wonderful projects, be it refurbished football pitches in socially deprived areas, food and clothing for the needy, housing improvements for Ukrainians and much more.

If you share our values and/or want to give us a little birthday present, just follow the link, find out about the specific projects and make a donation.

Thank you very much for that as well.


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