How do I get good skilled workers?

What recruiting has to do with WHY and HOW and with travel expense reporting?

Job ads via eBay Classifieds and Co.

You're probably all familiar with the following discussion: turnover needs to be increased and / or there are lots of orders in the pipeline, but no one really knows who is going to work it off. As a result we turn to the personnel department.

But how do you get suitable skilled workers today? Similarly, to our travel expense accounting, digitalisation has of course taken hold of this aspect of organisation as well. There are job advertisements on your own homepage and various job portals, such as Stepstone or Monster. But APPs are also being used more and more. Even the "old" way of advertising a job in the newspaper has been digitalised and can be found under job ads on eBay Classifieds.

A few words on your own behalf

And this is where the problems can start. The market seems confusing and partly unregulated. Portals and social media platforms also earn a lot of money with job ads. That alone is, of course, perfectly fine. At the same time, such providers are partially evading responsibility for the content. After all, the content comes from the users and not from the platform.

Unfortunately, this is sometimes exploited by fraudsters. For example, for some weeks now, job advertisements have been systematically placed on eBay classifieds in which our company identity openMIND sales & consulting GmbH, including logo, website, etc., is used illegally. Our good reputation is thus being exploited to make fraudulent offers.

Of course, we have filed a criminal complaint and informed the operator of “eBay Kleinanzeigen” and asked them to remove the content from the net. Our issue is, these processes are slow or do not take place at all. All that remains is to warn potential applicants to check offered jobs thoroughly. And as we do here, to share this experience with many companies so we all have the chance to take it into account in our strategies.

But how do you get good skilled workers?

Of course, you can't give a blanket answer to this question. It certainly depends on the sector, the region and the size of the company. In our opinion, very good suggestions can come from marketing processes. What is the difference between getting new companies interested in my products and services and getting new people interested?

When considering our sales and marketing, we have been using this perspective shift for a long time. We ask ourselves:

- What do our customers want?

- What advantage can I offer?

- What distinguishes me from my competitors?

- etc.

What keeps us from asking ourselves the same questions when it comes to people we want to employ?

There are now quite a few good studies on this. Even if we are not a fan of various generational labels, it remains to be said that there are basic must-haves in a CV regarding work biography. For instance, people at the start of their careers have very different ideas about “work” than people who are busy starting a family or building a house. And people over 50 or even 60 certainly think differently about working hours than some younger colleagues.

If we address different target groups specifically and on different channels to sell products, we should apply the same process when recruiting. And similar to our marketing process, we certainly cannot do without Multi Chanel Marketing in the recruiting process.

Employer branding and value orientation

We are convinced that the greatest pull comes from a consistent development of the company itself. We must define what WE stand for.

- What values are lived in the company?

- What are the goals?

- And how do we want to achieve them?

The WHY and the HOW play a central role today. These values must not only be defined on a web site, but they must be lived daily, perceived by everyone in the company.

We at openMIND have decided that profit maximisation is NOT our core value. At the same time, we believe that corporate and social responsibility can best be fulfilled on a successful economic basis. It is therefore a matter of course for us, to always keep the advantages for our customers in mind in our projects for the introduction of SaaS for travel expense accounting. This is achieved, among other things, through projects carried out at a high level in terms of methodology and processes at FIX prices.

Through consistent digitalisation of processes and our projects, we contribute to cost reductions and sustainability on both sides.

And it is precisely this economic success that gives us the opportunity, on the one hand, to gradually transition to a 30-hour week with our employees and, on the other hand, to work in the foundation of the 1st FC Union, which is geared towards social participation.

We come full circle

And it is precisely because of the convictions outlined above and our actions that it is all the more annoying when fraudsters want to exploit public platforms and our good name. From our point of view, there has to be a unity among companies, which where necessary, can force the platforms to adhere to qualitative standards. This can also protect people, who apply to us for jobs, from fraud. For this reason, we have decided to publish a blog post on this topic. And we would be happy to join the discussion with you on LinkedIn or Facebook or simply share our experiences.

Firstly, we have always planned to write about other topics related to our social engagement. Because as described above, we think it is important to share our WHY and HOW with the public. This is the only way for you, our future clients and/or employees, to decide whether you want to work with us.

Secondly, you are also obliged to reimburse applicants for their travel expenses, i.e. for the interview. We are currently planning an exciting addition to our product. But more about that later.

And thirdly, some customers have already confirmed that our "cool" solution and especially the travel expense accounting APP helps to retain employees who have been recruited in time-consuming and expensive application processes. If there is one thing which unites all age groups, industries and regions it is this: nobody wants to work with bad "tools".

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